Senate Appropriations leadership proposes significant increases for domestic HIV programs: CDC Hepatitis program receives support

"We sincerely thank Senate Labor, HHS Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Patty Murray and her colleagues for demonstrating their continued commitment to ending HIV in the United States. The proposed increases will certainly help bring the US back on track to ending HIV," commented Carl Schmid, executive director of the HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute. "However, we still need a national program to increase access to PrEP. . . . If we are serious about ending HIV, we need a PrEP program now."

Promoting PrEP and ensuring its coverage and affordability

HIV+Hep’s Carl Schmid spoke at the NMAC’s 2022 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit on efforts to create a national program to increase the promotion of PrEP to those communities most in need & their providers, ways PrEP can be covered and made more affordable and accessible, implementation barriers and how to overcome them, and ideas on how to provide PrEP for the uninsured & underinsured.

Ending Hepatitis is something we can all do every day

“To end infectious diseases, we always need more scientific advances, but it is going to take a strategic, coordinated, & resourced public health response. Fortunately, we now have national strategic plans to end several infectious diseases including viral hepatitis, HIV, & STIs. A strength included in all the plans is a reliance on taking a syndemic approach to these often intersecting epidemics. Together we can get to the finish line faster.”

Biden Budget Boosts Domestic HIV Funding & Proposes Nationwide PrEP Delivery Program: CDC Hepatitis Program Receives Increase

President Biden is proposing an increase of $377 million for the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. initiative for a total of $850 million for efforts to end HIV by 2030. Additionally, in response to the HIV community and several members of Congress’ request to develop a program to increase access to PrEP, which are medications that prevent HIV, the president’s budget calls for the creation of an ambitious ten-year $9.8 billion nationwide PrEP delivery program. The budget includes numerous other program increases, including a bump of $13.5 million for the CDC’s hepatitis division.

Biden administration takes big step in making drugs affordable for patients: Also strengthens non-discrimination protections

“This is a huge win for patients. Insurers have made it almost impossible for patients to afford their medications by first requiring them to meet a high deductible and then charging high co-insurance, which is a percentage of the list price of the drug. By limiting patient copays and keeping more drugs outside of the deductible, patients will be better able to afford their medications. We only wish the Biden administration would have applied these principles to more metal levels and drug tiers, but this provides better options for people who rely on prescription drugs.”

Federal Government Issues Guidance to Insurers on Coverage of HIV Prevention Drugs

The federal government issued guidance to insurers to remind them of their obligation to cover pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which are drugs that prevent HIV, at no cost to their beneficiaries. The guidance, in the form of an FAQ, also clarifies that associated services with PrEP, such as provider visits and HIV, hepatitis, and STD testing along with other laboratory tests, must also be covered with no patient cost-sharing.

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Monitors policies that impact the prevention and treatment of HIV, viral hepatitis, and other health conditions in the United States.

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Educates policymakers and members of the media about efforts to end both HIV and hepatitis in the United States and to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare for people with or at risk of serious or chronic health conditions.

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Promote necessary funding, programs, and policies to end the HIV epidemic in the United States


Promote necessary funding, programs, and policies to end viral hepatitis in the United States


Promote necessary funding, programs, and policies to end viral hepatitis in the United States

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From @HealthDayTweets @HIVHep’s Carl Schmid on @cdchep data that only 1/3 of #patients access timely #hepC treatment: “We really need providers to test & payers to cooperative.... It is an amazing cure, & it's a travesty that people aren't accessing it”: HIVHep photo
In @Medscape @HIVHep’s Carl Schmid writes that @SenateApprops @SenShelby “could help #endHIV, erase some of the racial inequities in healthcare, & save $$ in the process” if they fund expanding access progs to #PrEP in the FY23 spending bill: HIVHep photo
Massachusetts Law Permitting Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to Offer Drug Discounts to Consumers Extended to January 1, 2026
Today, we celebrate the anniversary of HRSA’s #RyanWhite HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP). For the last 32 years, the RWHAP has improved outcomes for people w/ #HIV across the country by providing HIV care, meds & support. Learn more RWHAP history: #32YearsofCare
@HIVHep’s Carl Schmid on new @CDCgov data: “Despite having health coverage & cost-effective #Rx that can cure #hepC, our h/c system is failing to provide the treatment people w/ #hepC need & is required to end this potentially deadly infectious disease”: HIVHep photo
@HIVHep’s Carl Schmid praised @HHSOCR’s proposed rule to implement #ACA’s nondiscrimination provisions that “prohibit insurers & other health programs from engaging in marketing practices & benefit design that discriminate”: HIVHep photo

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