Biden Budget Boosts Domestic HIV Funding & Proposes PrEP and Hepatitis C Programs

HIV+Hep praises President Biden’s FY24 proposed budget for significantly increasing federal funding to end HIV and hepatitis C in the US. Now it is up to Congress to deliver.

HIV Organizations File Discrimination Complaints Against North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield

HIV+Hep & NCAAN filed ACA discrimination complaints against North Carolina Blue Cross/Blue Shield for placing almost all HIV drugs, including generics like PrEP, on the highest drug tiers. The complaints were filed with the North Carolina Department of Insurance and the US HHS Office of Civil Rights.

HIV+Hep releases report detailing funding needed to increase PrEP uptake

The HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute has released a report modeling the resources needed to fund a national PrEP program to cover the cost of medications, associated labs, and prescriber time for the uninsured along with necessary provider and community outreach to increase uptake, estimating the cost at $521 million for the first year and $6.18 billion over ten years.

Patient groups file suit to end policy that prohibits copay assistance from counting toward patients' out-of-pocket spending

The HIV+Hepatitis Policy Insite, the Diabetes Leadership Council, and the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia challenging a federal rule that allows health insurers and pharmacy benefits managers to avoid counting drug manufacturer copay assistance toward patients’ out-of-pocket cost obligations. Due to increased deductibles and cost-sharing requirements, patients rely on copay assistance to help them afford their prescription drugs.

Ending Hepatitis is something we can all do every day

“To end infectious diseases, we always need more scientific advances, but it is going to take a strategic, coordinated, & resourced public health response. Fortunately, we now have national strategic plans to end several infectious diseases including viral hepatitis, HIV, & STIs. A strength included in all the plans is a reliance on taking a syndemic approach to these often intersecting epidemics. Together we can get to the finish line faster.”

Federal Government Issues Guidance to Insurers on Coverage of HIV Prevention Drugs

The federal government issued guidance to insurers to remind them of their obligation to cover pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which are drugs that prevent HIV, at no cost to their beneficiaries. The guidance, in the form of an FAQ, also clarifies that associated services with PrEP, such as provider visits and HIV, hepatitis, and STD testing along with other laboratory tests, must also be covered with no patient cost-sharing.

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Educates policymakers and members of the media about efforts to end both HIV and hepatitis in the United States and to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare for people with or at risk of serious or chronic health conditions.

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Promote necessary funding, programs, and policies to end the HIV epidemic in the United States


Promote necessary funding, programs, and policies to end viral hepatitis in the United States


Promote necessary funding, programs, and policies to end viral hepatitis in the United States

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