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How Washington can save patients money on prescription drugs right now

There’s no question that our healthcare system is broken. Where there is disagreement is in how to fix it. Current proposals being considered by the Congress do little to address the out-of-pocket spending requirements and insurance company access restrictions that impose the biggest burdens on patients. Failing to address these issues would be a huge missed opportunity.

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Ending HIV in the United States is possible with the proper leadership and sufficient and targeted resources

After 40 years of living and, sadly, dying with HIV, the United States has become rather complacent. Perhaps this is partially attributable to our own success in treating, preventing, and responding to HIV. But imagine if we allowed another deadly infectious disease, such as COVID-19, to continue to spread for 40 years without investing the attention and resources needed to wipe it out. We must end this dangerous cycle, and we can with the right tools and leadership. But will we?

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For President Biden, it’s a choice between allowing patients to afford or abandon quality health care

At a time when Americans are rightfully concerned about their ability to afford prescription drugs, it’s imperative that the health care system ease the burden on patients who require life-saving medications. The harsh reality is that many people are in need of assistance and are especially vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, when so many individuals and families are struggling financially…

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