Promoting PrEP & ensuring its coverage & affordability

2022 Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit
April 20, 2022

This workshop will educate attendees about efforts to create national programs to increase the promotion of PrEP to those communities that are most in need of it, along with their providers. Additionally, ways in which PrEP can be covered and made affordable now and in the future by various payers including private insurers, Medicaid, and Medicare will be discussed. Implementation barriers will be identified along with potential steps that can be taken to overcome them. Ideas on how to provide PrEP to the uninsured and underinsured will also be explored. Attendees will have an opportunity to provide input on the proposals presented and learn what advocacy is needed to ensure the goal of increasing the uptake of PrEP, particularly in the communities most impacted by HIV, will be achieved.

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