Medicare Part D

Medicare proposes coverage of all forms of PrEP

In response to CMS’ draft National Coverage Determination
(NCD) issued today that would require all Medicare plans to cover, without beneficiary cost-sharing, all forms of PrEP to prevent HIV, including long-acting PrEP, Carl Schmid, executive director of the HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute issued the following statement: “Today’s announcement marks a huge step in ensuring Medicare beneficiaries who want to protect themselves against HIV by using either daily oral or long-acting PrEP can do so without cost-sharing. As people are living longer and remain sexually active, it is important that anyone who has a reason to be on PrEP can access it.”

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Biden administration pulls last-minute Trump Medicare drug demo plan

Washington DC… In a victory for patients who depend on Medicare Part D for their medications, the Biden administration has pulled a demonstration project that would have allowed participating Medicare plans in 2022 to not cover all drugs in certain classes and only one drug per class in all others. The proposal that was pulled was announced literally in the final hours of the Trump administration.

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