Oppose domestic HIV programs cuts of $767 million & proposed amendments

The HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute urges all members of the House of Representatives to oppose the FY24 Labor HHS Appropriations Bill (HR 5894) due to the $767 million in cuts to HIV domestic prevention and treatment programs, massive cuts to other related programs, and the many damaging social policy riders that are directed to the communities most impacted by HIV.

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Impact of proposed elimination of HRSA HIV PrEP funding for community health centers

As part of $767 million of domestic HIV prevention and treatment funding cuts included in the House Labor, HHS Appropriations bill is the total elimination of a program initiated by the Trump administration that is a critical component of the Ending the HIV Epidemic program. The Primary Care HIV Prevention (PCHP) program provides funding to HRSA’s community health centers in the communities most impacted by HIV to conduct activities to support and provide PrEP, which are highly effective medications that prevent HIV.

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House testimony on FY24 appropriations for HIV and hepatitis programs

Our nation can eliminate both HIV and viral hepatitis, but without an infusion of new resources to accelerate our efforts, we will continue to fall short of these ambitious goals. Increased investment in surveillance, education, prevention, and care and treatment will ensure we continue to address HIV and viral hepatitis, including taking a syndemic approach to achieve maximum impact. The programs and funding increases detailed below are pivotal to our nation’s ability to end both these potentially deadly infectious diseases.

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ABAC letter on the importance of federal programs and funding for ending HIV in the United States

AIDS Budget and Appropriations Coalition cochairs the HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute, The AIDS Institute, NASTAD, and AIDS United wrote to the House Appropriations and Senate Appropriations Committees: “While we still do not have a cure or a vaccine, we have the science and tools to eventually end HIV in the U.S. through science-based prevention & treatment progs. However, public health progs across the country must have the sufficient funding and proper policies in place.”

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Patient Groups letter on updating SAMHSA HIV block grant criteria for states

The undersigned 39 organizations of the AIDS Budget and Appropriations Coalition (ABAC), a workgroup of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership (FAPP), write to request inclusion of critical language in the final FY2023 Labor, HHS Appropriations bill that is necessary to expand our efforts to end the HIV epidemic in the U.S. As you work to finalize the bill, while ABAC continues to advocate for our coalition’s FY2023 funding requests, we urge you to include language that would modernize the way in which states qualify to be eligible for the HIV set-aside of the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG).

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