hepatitis C

Comments on draft hepatitis federal implementation plan

We cannot achieve the goal of ending hepatitis without increased funding for the key elements of the strategy, including testing, treating, and vaccination. Increasing resources for hepatitis elimination must be our first priority. While this draft hepatitis federal implementation plan was drafted with current resources in mind, there are areas where we would suggest some strengthening.

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Letter to Tamara Jensen on Medicare NCD Update for Hepatitis C Screening

The HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute and others are requesting that CMS update the HCV screening National Coverage Determination to bring it in line with the 2020 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation for HCV screening. The current coverage determination only requires Medicare coverage for HCV screening of baby boomers and people at high risk. We are requesting that Medicare should cover screening of everyone between the ages of 18-79, regardless of symptoms or risk group.

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